Christian Education

The ideals of NLCA are to provide students with a high quality Christian education based upon Biblical values and principles.

We believe a student’s education must be more than knowledge of academics. It must include a firm basis for moral conduct, which will strengthen the student’s ideals and responsibilities throughout life. Therefore, teaching children how to stand as strong soldiers of the Lord is central in all of NLCA’s teachings, both in the classroom and on the playground.


NLCA provides sound curriculum and applied skills in a sequential order that is developmentally appropriate. Learning takes place through accountability, relationships, motivation, goal setting, and a caring environment that stimulates learning.

Curriculum selected presents appropriate subject matter for students to develop the skills necessary to progress and become proficient in all subject matters. Materials are taught in a manner suggested by ABEKA & Purposeful Design which is created to help students learn, memorize and retain material.

NLCA teachers are responsible for recognizing their student’s academic strengths and weaknesses, for understanding a student’s unique characteristics and the way in which they learn, and for implementing a variety of techniques that will help meet the student’s individual needs. NLCA teachers are expected to demonstrate warm, fair, considerate, and respectful behavior toward all students. They are to encourage and teach students academically, socially, and spiritually by modeling moral maturity and characteristics of Christ through personal relationships not only with students, but also with parents.